Structure & Contact

Project coordinator:
Steven Cervello
Email: <S.Cervello@lucchini.it>
Phone: +39 (035) 963483
Project management support:
Bernard von Wullerstorff
Email: <Bernard.von.wullerstorff@unife.org>
Phone: + 32 3 626 12 63

Project structure

Advisory group – partners who are not direct consortium members:

Why is there a need for a Advisory Group?

The wheelset subsystem is of highest importance to train performance, safety and maintenance and concerns therefore a large variety of stakeholders, whose knowledge and requirements should benefit to the project outcome. Therefore, the task is to mirror the various stakeholding parties in the best possible way by setting up a well-represented Advisory Group and guaranteeing its useful interaction with the technical work packages 1-8. For its integrity, the Advisory Group will include representatives coming from:

Further, the Advisory Group will:

The Advisory Group meets twice a year together with the Consortium Partners in plenary meetings.

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