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Announcement: The final public deliverables are now online

Posted: Thursday 30 July 2009

Final Public Deliverables of WIDEM

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  • PU D.1.1 - Instrumented wheelsets for two type of railway vehicles (tilting and freight train)
  • D.2.1 - Load spectra for two service profiles to be used in new design concept of wheelset and in
  • D2.2 -Load time histories due to wheel and rail geometrical irregularities
  • D3.1 Validated flexible multi-body model
  • D3.2 Load spectra relative to two different railway vehicles
  • D4.1 Procedures for assessing material classical fatigue parameters on full scale components
  • D4.2 Procedures for assessing material fretting fatigue parameters on full scale components
  • D5.1 Endurance design procedure of wheelsets based on reliable load spectra and reliable
  • D5.3 Design according to the new methodology
  • D6.1 Development of compensated resonance inspection prototype for wheelsets
  • D6.2 Report on NDT performance (various techniques) for conventional wheelsets
  • D7.1 Procedure to define NDT periodicity as function of vehicle service profile.

Announcement: Widem newsletter No.1

Posted: Wednesday 23 August 2006

This is the first Widem Newsletter, published on 23.08.06

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